DJ Rickshaw
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Don't Sleep Yo Philosophy

b. 1976, DDR


The Griffin (currently),
Jerry Garcia Amphitheater,
The Jambalaya,
Black Oak Ranch,
The Fillmore,
Area 51,
Red Fox Tavern,
Cafe Tomo,
Muddy Waters,  
Arcata Theatre and Lounge,
Humboldt  Brewery,
Mojitos SF


Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey,
Fred Wesley,
Greg Ginn,
Robert Walters,
Mike Dillon’s GoGo Jungle,
Norwood Fisher,
Chris Noonan,
Bill Summers,
DJ Logic,
New Master Sounds,
Twin Engine,
B Side Players,
Scott Amendola,
Object Heavy,
Steve Kimock,
Lonesome Locomotive,
Signal Path,
Martin Fierro,
Stu Allen and Mars  Hotel,
Jordan Feinstein,
Bobby Vega,
Ray White,
Lagos Afrobeat Ensemble,
DJ Babu,
Fanny  Franklin,
Courtney Weaver,
Marcus Messina,
Tom Fowler,
Ray White,
Greg Camphouse,
Ryan Cassidy,
Erin Cassidy,
Naive Melodies,
Chris Nucleus,
Sean Leahy,
Jesse Jonathan,
Shao Way Woo,
Mike Lee,
Soul Scratch,
Break Science,
David Nelson Band,
Adryon De Lyon,
Bernie Sorrel,
Nikki Crawford,
Christopher Szejk,
Steve Watts,

Benbow  Music and Arts Festival,
Head to Head Music Festival,  
For the Funk of It Music Festival,
Silent Disco,
Trinity River Jamboree, Firefall,
Toys for Tots,
Musicians for Masssai,
Benefit for Rocket Dog Rescue


DJ Rickshaw (Darren Rick) is a multimedia artist whose graphic design roots started back in the 90's...

Rickshaw has spread the live get down experience every other Sunday night from 11pm-4am at for over 13 years.

co host of acid jazz experiment. liquid lounge. the get down. the bus stop (current monthly) bump foundation member of dark sandwich. something different. twin engine.